Troll (Chief Cat Officer, CCO)

Troll (Chief Cat Officer, CCO):

Manages day to day operations for the Pencil-Pusher™ business and oversees all packing and shipping. Troll determines quality of shipping products and pencils. He also oversees all interns. Additionally, Troll helps determine new products and colors that will be added to the collection by comparing to the color of his fur and objects around him. He has been working as the CCO since 2015.

Myles (Intern)

Myles (Intern):

Moved to the Pacific Northwest to take the internship from Palm Springs in 2018. Enjoys wearing stripes and always has a good dad joke on hand. Myles enjoys helping with all packing and feels it's necessary to check the quality of the envelopes for shipping and comfort. Myles inspects boxes prior to shipment to ensure that pencils reach their destination. He also checks any box lying around, just to be on the safe side.

Bob (Intern)

Bob (Intern):

Moved to the Pacific Northwest from Palm Springs in late 2018. Bob is quite formal and insists on wearing a suit everyday. He enjoys being very involved in the planning process. Bob also helps with quality control and checks pencils to ensure their quality and efficacy. He checks efficiency by chewing on them to ensure that the graphite is the perfect #2.

Kirk (CEO, original Pencil-Pusher™)

Kirk (CEO, original Pencil-Pusher™):

Serves as the CEO of Pencil-Pusher since its inception in 2015. Kirk has over 10 years of experience in the pencil industry. He started with a vision for creating a more useful carpenter pencil which would be multi-functional and this grew into the Pencil-Pusher business. With his experience in the business, understanding of home improvement, and best building practices; Kirk realized that carpenters were always losing their pencils that were "wood" or "natural" colored. He decided to combat this problem by selling neon carpenter pencils which stand out and are easily found. These pencils quickly became a hit. Not wanting to stop by solving just one problem, he added a ruler to the pencil. This double-sided ruler (metric and imperial) helps carpenters measure as they work. Kirk created a multi-purpose tool that stands out in a stack of wood and makes the job easier.

Kirk has worked for many years in the pencil industry, learning the ins and outs of imprinting pencils. He also has a background in professional IT management. Additionally, he sells quality novelty pencils and pens.

*Please note Kirk is not a cat but works with the entire Pencil-Pusher™ cat team on development of projects and ideas.